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never_seen_it's Journal

Never seen it.
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never_seen_it is a sister (...or brother) community of
whoboys_daily. This is a community for films that are often over shadowed by blockbuster hits, films that most people have never seen (like independent films, foreign films, short films or low budget productions). These are films that are not very well known, but deserve to be known! Here you can post about your favorite unknown films, recent descoveries, news about upcoming films, favorite quotes, etc..

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one... Please keep all posts on topic.
two... Lj-cuts are our friends. Please post all images larger than 400px and all spoilers under an lj-cut. No more than three images outside of a cut.
three... Wallpapers, Icons, Headers, Photomanips, Fan Arts, Community Promotions, etc ARE allowed and encouraged as long as they're relevant.
four... Please post the name of the film in the subject of your post.
five... Please have fun! And be nice, anyone who is mean or displays such behavior will be banned! If you disagree with someone, you can say so in a nice, pleasent way.
...once you join
Please fill out this survey so we can all know who you are!

everyone's a critic
...film of the month
every month the community votes and decides on a film to be the never_seen_it film of the month.

You can begin nominating now by making a post with the subject Nomination and tell us a little bit about the film and why it should be the film of the month.

The first film will be featured next month.